Good morning today I talk about Brook Pifer is a photographer who is known for search introspection,spontaneity and

determination in her works.


This photo rep resents a dog driying it .

In this case, Pifer takes this photo in a moment that a dog is drying.

Brook Pifer was born in Chicago . She is very known to phography famous people such as Sean Kingston and Akon.

She works with advertisement agencies like Verizon, BVK and Oglivy and Mather .

Pifer combines her work like director and photographer.

Some Art and Creative Directors name her like ” The People Whisper”.  Too, she makes personal projects travelling

to Hawai and Canada to document inspiring women who complete in endurance events.

brook_pifer_0507_big1-37JA                      BrookPifer_thumb[3]

This photo is an image that characterizes a young people.         This image shows a young male group .

In her works, Brook uses her self – deprecating humour to shows people

how is the sense of people that have been photographeated.

Brook has won a lot aards winning photographer and director based in new York City.

Her work is a new form to see how is the new situation in American Young Life.

Pifer mix her work with cycling and yoga.

I like how Pifer connect her life with photographies that it makes her to people for they connect with her photos.



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