Mitchell Kanashkevich

Hello good afternoon, today I talk you about an excellent world wanderer photographer known like Mitchell Kanashkevich.

He was born in Belarus. Mitchell is known to take photos to people of ancient cultures.

Kanashkevich likes make to disappear ancient cultures and different human conditions taking a perfect moment of the situation.


In this photo, Kanashkevich wants to show how a father learns at his son how hunt an animal.


An aborigin baby.

He likes discover nomadic shepherds in India, life in traditional villages and sulfur miners working in a volcanic

crater and the capture of human element.

I like how Mitchell captures different situations of people of other ancient cultures.

Kanashkevich has been written eBooks in collaboration with “Craft and Vision”. He uses black and white colours for

his portraits .

These photos are in the private collections of collectors worldwide.



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